Angus Gets Ghosted

Original score, sound design & 5.1 mix

Sound Post-Production for “Angus gets ghosted”

2024 || 18 min || Short film || Produced By Awevo films

Directed By Luca Piercy


Angus “No Beef” is a self-interested vegan influencer who finds himself fighting for more than just his reputation in a haunted health retreat centre.

Angus, health and eco-travel influencer, is invited to review a local ‘stay-cation’ health retreat. But rather than tight yoga bums and monstera plants, Angus and his cameraman K turn up to what appears to be a derelict leisure centre, with some very dishevelled staff… Is this really going to be the video that saves Angus’s expiring career, or do these odd characters have something bigger planned for Angus?

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