Original Music and Concept Development for NGO Campaign

                                                                      Languages: Catalan and Spanish [2021]

The audiovisual contents have an approach to the ethics of the otherness of Emmanuel Lévinas, taking as an argumentative axis the notion "face" as an object of recognition. The message of the campaign is based on the proposal of the humanism of the other by Lévinas and the subjectivity that is constructed from the otherness, as being for the other, in other words, the self acquires its identity from the responsibility for the other human being.
It is necessary to take into account the sensitivity of the face as an ethical force exerted on someone. It is reduced to a face without worlds, form or past as the main language to achieve the recognition of the other. The face is not only the form of appearance of the other before it is looked at, but also intertwines a link that brings two people (participant and spectator) face to face without external mediation.
Membership recruitment campaign
Concept by Ambra Reijnen and Adrian Simg

Direct sound, music and sound postproduction by Adrian Simg

Cinematography, editing and color by Ambra Reijnen (Promono Multisensory Productions)

Project coordination by Sara Darder (CCAR)

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